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petaling street

Rex Cinema in Petaling Street

Today all the olden design cinemas are replaced by cineplexes- where it is more comfortable ....and pricey. But what is that RM11- most important is the experience and comfort. Olden cinemas like REX, Odeon cannot compete with the new cineplexes and most of these buildings have been torn down and either converted to car parks [...]

Famous Air Mata Kucing Stall in KL Chinatown

This air mata kucing or longan drink stall has been around from as young as I could remember. When my mom brought us out and we visited Chinatown or also known as Petaling Street, we would occassionally stop by this stall for a drink. The business is always brisk and the people there would work [...]

Food galore at Petaling Street or Chinatown

If you are a food lover, head on to Petaling Street or Kuala Lumpur Chinatown area in the evening- there are lots of delicious Chinese food at the hawker stalls, some which are quite famous and well known: If you eat by ordering food, you would need to check properly to ensure you are not [...]

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