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From our experience in remitting funds, we find that MoneyGram is one of the most efficient means to remit money overseas (compared to Western Union or cable/telegraphic transfer). Since I have the experience of using MoneyGram a few times to transfer funds overseas, I wanted to give a more detailed instruction based on my own [...]

We usually bought our baking supplies- flour, cookies and cake mixes, nuts, raisins, baking utensils from Bake With Yen- a baking supplier store with branches in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. As a spinoff from selling banking supplies, they also offer various baking and cake decorating classes at a much more reasonable price compared to those offered by [...]

In Malaysia, the official postal service is Pos Malaysia. It is usually the choice by default since there are so many branches available. You can recognize them by the usual huge mail boxes located outside the pos office. Some travellers tend to send back items home in overseas once the luggage gets a lot because it [...]