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One a famous song called "Aku Yang Kau Panggil Sayang" sang by Khairool Idhan (some website spelled it as Khairul Idhan). I've attempted to translate the song with English lyrics for the benefit of those who do not understand the Malay language. This is one of the haunting Malay ballads way back in the 80s. [...]

The song is quite an emotional song sang by Hasnol called Laguku Untukmu (My Song for You). Below are the English translation that I try to come up with to express the song. Laguku Untukmu (My Song for You) by Hasnol Kehadiran membawa seribu erti The presence brought a thousand meanings Terasa bagaikan suatu mimpi [...]

Amy Mastura has a very cheeky glow in her eyes and when you watch her sing, you can't help but to feel cheerful. The following song, Jawapan Kasih was one of her hit songs (yes, many years back) and I am translating the lyrics of this upbeat song in English. You can watch the video [...]

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