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There is also another meaningful poem written by Tun Dr Mahathir that was published before the general elections in May 2018. For the benefit of those who do not understand the Malay language, I have attempted to translate the poem here. The Malay language is very beautiful and often there are no words in English [...]

The poem by Tun Dr Mahathir, our 7th Prime Minister entitled “Pada Yang Muda Kusematkan Harapan” is very touching.  I have watched this video many times as I am deeply touched by his message. I have attempted to include an English translation of the poem as I am sure non Malay speaking audience may want to [...]

The results of the 14th General Election have been nothing short of phenomenal …. placing Malaysia in the spotlight for all the right reasons. In the past, I have not written any articles related to politics across my blogs. But this time, I am so happy that I cannot help but to express my heartfelt [...]

This article is a continuation from Part 1 Below are more meaningful messages from other advertisers which I have compiled: MBSB (Malaysian Building Society): Melakar sejarah gemilang Biar bermacam dugaan, segalanya ditempuhi dengan semangat perjuangan yang membara. Malaysia kini terus mara, perpaduaanya dikagumi, dan kemakmurannya dicontohi. Hasil usaha gigih generasi terdahulu yang terus dihidupkan oleh [...]

Today is our Hari Merdeka (Independence Day). Our local papers would feature many meaningful messages for Hari Merdeka by different advertisers. This is part 1 (view part 2) Below are the newspaper advertisements that mostly contained creative, memorable and meaningful messages: Please click on the advertisement image below to enlarge: Aset Kayamas We kick off [...]