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Malaysian life

The results of the 14th General Election have been nothing short of phenomenal …. placing Malaysia in the spotlight for all the right reasons. In the past, I have not written any articles related to politics across my blogs. But this time, I am so happy that I cannot help but to express my heartfelt [...]

Malaya achieved its independence on 31 August 1957. Each year, the Independence Day or Hari Kermedekaan would be declared as a public holiday. We also celebrate Hari Malaysia which falls on 16 September each year as Sabah and Sarawak joined the Peninsular to form the Malaysia (on 16 September 1963) as we know today. Above [...]

Someone placed a sticker at a pedestrian crossing in a road in Penang: “Press Once Can Already” had triggered a debate because the wordings were grammatically incorrect: But the 4 words really conveyed the message effectively- possibly more effectively than a properly worded one could. I have often seen people keep pressing the button at [...]

Nowadays, shopping malls have little kiosks selling various kuih muih or delicacies like Nyonya kuih, kuih koci, karipap (curry puffs), lobak kuih (made from carrot), ang kueh and so many more. Usually, I would suggest that if you buy directly from the market (either the day or the night market)- as it is so much [...]

When you are in Malaysia, do try out the local varieties of coffee and tea for a fraction of the price of gourmet coffee. Below is the advertisement of the gourmet coffee: A cuppa like that with ambiance thrown in would set you back by about RM15. Of course it comes with unlimited Wifi and [...]

Kenny, Remy & Martin was a well known non Malay group in the 80s and 90s. One of their famous hit song, Suratan Atau Kebetulan (Fate or Coincidence) was a massive hit- I remember there was a drama translated drama series way back in the TV that used this song as a theme song and [...]

Many Malaysian can converse in English- however, as visitors you may find it perplexing that there seems to be a number of vocabulary used that is not found in the English language. As Malaysians, we use local jargon or slangs – which is combined from the different cultural and diversity within Malaysia. Astro August cover [...]

Old Town Kopitiam has been around for a while- and during weekends, or weekday nights, people would come, usually with their laptops to do assignments or friends/families enjoying a meal together. It is expanded from the famous kopitiam in Ipoh and the picture, taken from a framed photo at the kopittiam reflects the olden times- [...]