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I saw these travel bottles sold at IKEA. What attracted me was the different colour combinations-orange, green, red and purple. The smaller ones are sold for RM10 for a pack of 4. It was IKEA's idea to have different colour combination so that we would not be mixed up with the liquids- like mistakening using [...]

IKEA's Christmas Catalogue 2012 is already published and distributed weeks since October. As per other years, they've incorporated a lot of creativity in their catalogue, providing solutions- showing how their products can come together to bring your home that festive cheer. Above is the cover of their current edition. Creative ideas to decorate the dining [...]

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the special attribute about IKEA that stands out is that their stores consist of huge display areas- teaching people how they can decorate by buying IKEA products. Below are the Christmas display located at IKEA in Malaysia: It is a display of the living room using IKEA products- [...]

Update: Based on info published in KLExpat, IKEA Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand had stopped importing live Christmas trees for sale in Malaysia (view article). Visiting Ikea here in Mutiara Damansara, I was amazed that they actually sell real live Christmas trees....especially in Malaysia: A live tree of about 250cm costs RM169. The shorter ones cost [...]

Quite like IKEA's deco theme: Folks usually enjoy going to IKEA to get some inspiration on their decorative styles- they have decorated showrooms to give one an idea. And afterwhich, we can then buy their items. And when hungry, you can always stop for a quick snack at this counter located right outside the payment [...]