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I am considering to buy a tablet as it is easier to type and browse the internet in it rather than using my Note 2. Don’t get me wrong- I love my Note 2 and it is handy when I am out and about. It can still fit into the pockets of some of my [...]

Based on advertised in the papers by Samsung today, the recommended retail price of Samsung Tab 3 is as follows: –  8.0″ WiFi  RM1099 – 8.0″ LTE RM1499 – 7.0″ 3G RM1099 Samsung Gakaxy S4 with limited pink edition of 3G comes with a recommended retail price of RM2199.

I have shared in a previous post published in another blog how the 6 metal legs holding in SIM in my Blackberry phone were broken after a stuck SIM card was forcibly pulled out. Afterwhich, I made the decision to buy myself a Samsung Note 2.. Anyway back to the topic….if the metal legs holding [...]

Memory cards and the small SD media cards are easy to be misplaced if not being kept properly in a casing or container. I am not sure where to get memory card casing but I found an inexpensive way of easy storing that I can bring for my travel- storing them in a pill casing. [...]

The price of the following phones as indicated in Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Chat, Samsung Galaxy Player and Samsung Corby: Samsung Galaxy Y Young  – RM399 Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) 832 MHz processor 3.0″ TFT touch screen 2 MP camera Samsung Galaxy Y (Limited Edition Hello Kitty) – RM419 Fully Hello Kitty Ul Android 2.3 [...]

Further to the earlier post of Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note II and SIII in Malaysia , following are the price of the Samsung S, Ace and Mini as published in Samsung’s Mobile News: Samsung Galaxy Beam – RM1,599 Projector smart phone Up to 50″ projection screen 1 GHz Dual core processor 5MP [...]

Here are the price listing which I’ve obtained from Samsung’s Mobile News publication volume 13. Ensure that the retailers that you are going to are not selling the phones at a higher RRP (recommended retail price) than what is published by Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note II – RM2299  Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED 1.6 [...]