Tablets: Samsung tabs vs iPad-get the iPad

I am considering to buy a tablet as it is easier to type and browse the internet in it rather than using my Note 2. Don’t get me wrong- I love my Note 2 and it is handy when I am out and about. It can still fit into the pockets of some of my [...]

Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab in Malaysia

Based on advertised in the papers by Samsung today, the recommended retail price of Samsung Tab 3 is as follows: –  8.0″ WiFi  RM1099 – 8.0″ LTE RM1499 – 7.0″ 3G RM1099 Samsung Gakaxy S4 with limited pink edition of 3G comes with a recommended retail price of RM2199.

Where to service your phone in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur

I have shared in a previous post published in another blog how the 6 metal legs holding in SIM in my Blackberry phone were broken after a stuck SIM card was forcibly pulled out. Afterwhich, I made the decision to buy myself a Samsung Note 2.. Anyway back to the topic….if the metal legs holding [...]

Using pill casing to store your memory or micro SD cards

Memory cards and the small SD media cards are easy to be misplaced if not being kept properly in a casing or container. I am not sure where to get memory card casing but I found an inexpensive way of easy storing that I can bring for my travel- storing them in a pill casing. [...]

Price of Samsung Galaxy Y, Chat, Player and Corby in Malaysia

The price of the following phones as indicated in Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Chat, Samsung Galaxy Player and Samsung Corby: Samsung Galaxy Y Young  – RM399 Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) 832 MHz processor 3.0″ TFT touch screen 2 MP camera Samsung Galaxy Y (Limited Edition Hello Kitty) – RM419 Fully Hello Kitty Ul Android 2.3 [...]

Price of Samsung Galaxy Beam, S II, Ace and Mini in Malaysia

Further to the earlier post of Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note II and SIII in Malaysia , following are the price of the Samsung S, Ace and Mini as published in Samsung’s Mobile News: Samsung Galaxy Beam – RM1,599 Projector smart phone Up to 50″ projection screen 1 GHz Dual core processor 5MP [...]