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Below is the simple takeaway menu for KFC in Malaysia: This provide an estimated price when you plan to order takeaway from KFC. The dinner set and snack plate does not come with buns. For the calorie content of KFC food, you may refer to this page in which I have typed out the calorie [...]

My friend introduced me to Texas Chicken which he says he prefers compared to KFC. He also favors Texas Chicken because of the bottomless beverage that you are allowed the fill if you dine in: Below are the pictures of their menu as of July 2017: Please click on the individual pictures to enlarge: - [...]

When we saw the breakfast offer by KFC via a brochure insert in the newspaper, we decided to try the KFC breakfast: I remember when McDonalds started the breakfast thing a few years ago, there were long queues when they offer food at discounted price. But for KFC, I saw that the outlet and another one [...]