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McDonalds Breakfast Menu

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Different McDonalds outlets have different operating hours. If you are going to the one that is opened 24 hours, you would be able to obtain your McDonalds breakfast menu from 4am to 10am. I have checked with one of the outlets, after the breakfast menu ends at 10am, it would be followed by the value [...]

Family Mart- food and drinks …some 24 hours a day

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Family Mart 24 hours food and drinks

I have always wished that the 7 Eleven in Malaysia are like those in Thailand where you can really find delicious food and hot meal 24 hours a day. It is when I discover Family Mart and I am really in for a pleasant surprise…. Note: Not all Family Mart stores are available 24 hours [...]

Kenny Rogers Roasters Food menu in Malaysia

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Kenny Rogers Roaster Menu Malaysia

Recently I enjoyed a simple meal from Kenny Roger’s Roasters – which is more expensive than fastfood but is more healthy. Always indecisive when it comes to so many choices…. I took pictures of their menu so that it may help when I want to check before hand on what to eat: Note: Picture taken [...]

McDonalds Malaysia Menu, Price and Calorie Contents

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McDonalds Malaysia table of food and drinks calorie content

Below is a photo of the McDonalds menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages. This menu is updated @ July 2018 and the menu price is the new pricing without the GST. Please click on the image to enlarge it (the upper portion is the breakfast menu): Note: This menu supersedes the older version which [...]

Texas Chicken Malaysia Menu & Price

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Menu last update on August 2018 My friend introduced me to Texas Chicken which he says he prefers compared to KFC. He also favors Texas Chicken because of the bottomless beverage that you are allowed the fill if you dine in: Menu last update on August 2018: Actually Texas Chicken has quite a number of [...]