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If you are looking to buy blank mini magnets to be used for your craft projects to make fridge magnets, I have sen one shop in Petaling Jaya that sells it. As it is not wholesale, the price can be more expensive. Suffice if you just want a few for your craft projects. This shop [...]

In the art of organising, everything should have its place in your home or else you may risk turning your home into a clutter zone. Clutter and mess stifle and block creativity from flowing. Coins and loose change seems to be all over the house. And there does not seems to be anywhere to conveniently [...]

Came across this cute Oscar the Grouch from the Sesame Street character that kids can ride with at One Utama Shopping Complex in Petaling Jaya. You even have that partial trash bin so to associate closer with his character. Not sure why but looking at this green little monster cheers me further up. It's really [...]

There is a small kiosk in The Curve Mutiara Damansara selling cute baby clothings: They come in all sorts of funny messages like: If you think I am cute, what till you see my mom. I cry when the person holding me is ugly. Result of an incredible merger: Papa + Mama = Me! Smart [...]

I quite admire the creativity of Bakers Cottage in coming up with beautifully designed decorative mooncake boxes. If not mistaken, Bakers Cottage started this years ago and enjoy very good mooncake sales. This is followed suit by other companies. Their boxes made very presentable gifts to give to someone like in-laws or anyone that value [...]

While last year Good Chen had came up with the Doraemon and Hello Kitty mooncakes, this year, they've added a new addition: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS  mooncakes :) Very creative- really amazed by this company that comes out with such creative version. Spongebob is yellow in colour, so the mooncake is also in yellow colour. It is known [...]

The price of mooncakes is increasing each year.  More than RM10 just for a piece of mooncake. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people prefer to try making their own mooncakes. Question is where to get the supply? Let me share with you.... Our family have been making mooncake for years- not [...]

As with any festive season, hampers are being oferred and sold everywhere. I usually enjoy looking at hampers being sold to see the creativity and presentation that went into creating the hamper. It is the best time to boost up sales for many companies through larger purchase volume. Put in some high demand items in [...]

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