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When you are in Malaysia, do try out the local varieties of coffee and tea for a fraction of the price of gourmet coffee. Below is the advertisement of the gourmet coffee: A cuppa like that with ambiance thrown in would set you back by about RM15. Of course it comes with unlimited Wifi and [...]

Old Town Kopitiam has been around for a while- and during weekends, or weekday nights, people would come, usually with their laptops to do assignments or friends/families enjoying a meal together. It is expanded from the famous kopitiam in Ipoh and the picture, taken from a framed photo at the kopittiam reflects the olden times- [...]

Update: All Chatime outlet’s names have been changed to Tealive due to change in Management. Tealive Chatime addicts now can order Tealive Chatime’s well-known and addictive bubble tea, smoothies and have it delivered straight to your office. Please check their listing of outlets here: https://www.tealive.com.my/outlets and if they do delivery at the area near you here: https://www.tealive.com.my/orders/ [...]

KFC have been actively advertising in their breakfast deals. Recently they have promotion of breakfast feast of RM18.90 and RM23.90. So we went and try out the breakfast meal from KFC. Here’s what the advertising looks like: And here is what it looks when the order is here: I find the hash brown and the [...]

Hypermarkets like Tesco, Carrefour and Giant would sell a good variety of items with all kinds of brands to choose from. Come weekends, you would see families coming for shopping would trolleys filled to the brim with items. Being a person who need that caffeine fix each morning, sometimes up to few times a day, [...]

When we saw the breakfast offer by KFC via a brochure insert in the newspaper, we decided to try the KFC breakfast: I remember when McDonalds started the breakfast thing a few years ago, there were long queues when they offer food at discounted price. But for KFC, I saw that the outlet and another one [...]

The following photos are taken from PapaRich’s menu. PapaRich is a chain of kopitiam that is set up in Malaysia that add varieties to Malaysian food with the ambience included. The price is more expensive than a food court but much cheaper than a high end Italian restaurant. Personally, what gets me going to a place [...]

Since many friends had talked to me about PapaRich, I finally went and had my meal there: Below is the nasi lemak in the menu. And how it appears when the actual food comes. It’s delicious and we did not need to wait long. There’s also the vegetarian nasi lemak for RM8.90. Absolutely cannot resist [...]