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There are lots of items that the Malaysian night market or pasar malam have to offer. A lot of items are available at low prices and there are much varieties to choose from: Above are beautiful bows and ribbons- looked handmade and sold for price that you cannot get from a typical rented kiosk in [...]

Well, you need not spend a fortune when you just want to buy some mini tshirts. After all, the tshirts are used for daily casual wear, and sometimes as exercise attire. There are lots of cute tshirts that you can get from both the day and night markets for like about RM10 a piece. In [...]

Clothes from Sommerset Bay seems to be timeless. I've always loved their clothes design and the elegant look of it. In conjuction with Christmas, spotted their beautiful store design located inside Metrojaya: The decorations are elegant- so cannot resist taking a picture on this to share. And there's the party clothes for the party goers [...]

Update: This article is published a few years ago. To get the most recent Padini store sales, please visit Padini Malaysia's official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/padiniholdingsbhd/. Padini stores nationwide is having storewide sales where heaps and heaps of clothes, bags and shoes (from Padini, Vinci, Seed and other brands) are being offered for about 50% to [...]

From day markets, you not only can buy yourself fresh vegetables, fruits, foodstuff, but an array of interesting and inexpensive things can be found there as well: Like the purses above are sold for less than RM10 for one. You can never find that price from any rented booths, kiosks or stalls. I've bought a [...]