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My friend just given me a calendar by MPH- the Sassy calendar and I am amazed with the beautiful design. I was not aware that MPH does have their own calendar (joint with Sassy). Even though it is too late to get the MPH calendar anymore (as confirmed as I have called up one of [...]

MPH Sassy Calendar- very beautiful design thumbnail

Below are a schedule for Chinese auspicious dates and timing for the year 2018 which includes: what time to start prayers for CNY general auspicious dates for the entire year divided based on Chinese lunar month Click on the image to enlarge the file: Page 1: Page 2: These information sheets are generally handled out [...]

Chinese Auspicious Dates and Timing (in Mandarin) for 2018 thumbnail

The Caring Pharmacy is giving away free 2018 desk calendar when you make purchases of minimum RM80 in a single receipt while stocks last. Update as of 26 Dec 17- The calendar seems to be running out of stock at most stores. We always got my mom’s Ensure drink and supplements from Caring, therefore it [...]

The Caring Pharmacy Free Calendar 2018 (purchase of min RM80) thumbnail

In 2018, I plan to be more productive to juggle multiple roles effectively. It is no longer viable for me to plan on a whim or based on inspiration. After viewing planners and diaries from many places, I’ve decided to get the diary from MrDIY. I have written about diaries and planners sold at MrDIY [...]

My Planning Tools for next year- Diary, Planner and Calendar thumbnail

It is only during end of each year or beginning of the new year that calendars, diaries and planners are on sale. After the new year, the prices would generally be reduced (especially by Popular bookstore) and by February, these items would be off the rack. I’ve checked with a few bookstores, they informed me [...]

Calendar and planner I bought as well as useful mobile app to plan your activities for next year thumbnail

In the office (where I used to work), we often have gift exchange. Instead of getting items like Christmas dolls, mugs or chocolates, I tend to buy items like table calendars or diaries since right after Christmas it is the New Year. These are useful items for my colleagues who have the calendars (that I [...]

It is now approaching the new year and it is time to get on planning for the year ahead. Stores have begin selling various calendars and diaries that you can buy to aid your planning. You can find these items available at bookstores like Popular, Borders and MPH: Daiso also have begin to sell calendars [...]

It is now approaching the new year and many would want start planning. During my last visit, I have noticed MrDIY also sell B5 small planners. MrDIY have many stores nationwide. Since I have been introduced to MrDIY by my friend, it has become one of my favourite stores to visit because there are so [...]