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Craft Suppliers


Below are my listing of craft suppliers and I hope that it would be useful for you who love craft items (listing is arranged in descending order, with the latest posts at the top):

If the listing is taking too long to load, click HERE for the list (with no images).


Satin Ribbon Roses sold in a Supply Store in Petaling Jaya
Here are satin ribbons sold in a craft and sewing supply store. They come in various color tones and hues- Read more.
Flower Wholesale Supplier in Petaling Street
A number of flower sellers source their flowers from this supplier located in Petaling Street area: Weng Hoa Flower Boutique Read more.
Where to get reasonable name card and personalised sticker printing in KL and PJ
I have thought of getting my own name card for quite sometime but have not really gotten around to do Read more.


At the same time, I am discovering shops like Daiso,  Kaison and MrDIY what are providing a lot of inspiration in which I am including below:

Christmas Decorations sold in Daiso Malaysia
Daiso outlets in Malaysia are already selling Christmas decorations. Above are santa and reindeer hairbands- that thsoe with parties and Read more.
Magic tricks kits sold at Daiso
I remember when I was young, magic kits were quite expensive.  When I went to Daiso, I saw that they Read more.
Beading kits for mini projects like necklace sold in Daiso
Below are some mini beading kids sold in Daiso- where parents can buy for their kids to encourage them on Read more.
Baking cookies for the festival season- finding baking supplies in PJ and KL
Each time before a major festival comes up, lots of people would be busy doing baking. In Klang Valley (around Read more.


Below are also some articles that inspire the creative expression within us:

Shiny stickers for mobile phone and camera
A friend of mine have a beautifully beaded camera. I had always wondered where she had gotten the sticky beads Read more.
Multipurpose Bags to organise your stationeries, notes and small items
I find the multiporpose bags made of cloth or PVC very useful to organise small items that I have….especially when Read more.
Where to get cheap DVD and CD holders
DVD holders are great for holding not only DVDs but also for filing items like information brochures, salary slips, dividend Read more.
Portable travel bottles to store liquid soap and shampoo
I saw these travel bottles sold at IKEA. What attracted me was the different colour combinations-orange, green, red and purple. Read more.
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