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Craft Suppliers


Below are my listing of craft suppliers and I hope that it would be useful for you who love craft items (listing is arranged in descending order, with the latest posts at the top):

If the listing is taking too long to load, click HERE for the list (with no images).


Laterns, artificial flowers and decos sold by Craft Shops
With CNY around the corner, craft, sewing and various small shops also sell decorations as can be seen below: Everyone Read more.
Satin Ribbon Roses sold in a Supply Store in Petaling Jaya
Here are satin ribbons sold in a craft and sewing supply store. They come in various color tones and hues- Read more.


At the same time, I am discovering shops like Daiso,  Kaison and MrDIY what are providing a lot of inspiration in which I am including below:

Containers to organise your items at RM5.90 each from Daiso
Note: Previously their price is RM5, then RM5.30 (after implementation of GST) and now it is RM5.90. Daiso is one Read more.
Multipupose bags sold for RM5.90 each at Daiso
At Daiso what I have always liked is the consistency in pricing….their items are always RM5  RM5.90. Note: Previously their Read more.
Using pill casing to store your memory or micro SD cards
Memory cards and the small SD media cards are easy to be misplaced if not being kept properly in a Read more.


Below are also some articles that inspire the creative expression within us:

Inside a gift shop in Genting Highlands
Thought that I share some photos that I have taken at a gift shop located in Ching Swee Temple in Read more.
Hari Raya Hampers On Sale Everywhere
As with any festive season, hampers are being oferred and sold everywhere. I usually enjoy looking at hampers being sold Read more.
Notebooks with motivational messages
No doubt Smartphone had replace the need to carry physical notebooks anymore to jot down things. All we need is Read more.
Shiny stickers for mobile phone and camera
A friend of mine have a beautifully beaded camera. I had always wondered where she had gotten the sticky beads Read more.
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