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Craft Suppliers


Below are my listing of craft suppliers and I hope that it would be useful for you who love craft items (listing is arranged in descending order, with the latest posts at the top):

If the listing is taking too long to load, click HERE for the list (with no images).


Where to Get Coloured Bird Feathers & Fluffy Boa for Craft
There have been a few inquiries from readers asking me where to get feathers and fluffy boa or artificial fur Read more.
Inside a chrysanthemum farm in Cameron Highlands
We had the chance to visit a chrysanthemum farm while we were at Cameron Highlands. Here are the photos taken- Read more.


At the same time, I am discovering shops like Daiso,  Kaison and MrDIY what are providing a lot of inspiration in which I am including below:

Diary, planners and table calendars for 2018 already sold in Daiso
Since the past few years, I have been giving some of my colleagues diaries and table calendar as Christmas gifts. Read more.
Paper Laterns sold at MrDIY
There are some simple paper laterns that can be used as decorative pieces for homes and business: I was surprised Read more.
Transparent sealed jars to store loose change or coins
In the art of organising, everything should have its place in your home or else you may risk turning your Read more.
Portable exercise equipment for RM5.90 each at Daiso Malaysia
Note: Previously their price is RM5, then RM5.30 (after implementation of GST) and now it is RM5.90. I love going Read more.


Below are also some articles that inspire the creative expression within us:

Sesame Street- Oscar the Grouch
Came across this cute Oscar the Grouch from the Sesame Street character that kids can ride with at One Utama Read more.
Kiosk selling cute baby clothes
There is a small kiosk in The Curve Mutiara Damansara selling cute baby clothings: Read more.
Lots of things in the local night market or pasar malam
There are lots of items that the Malaysian night market or pasar malam have to offer. A lot of items Read more.
Arts and Crafts in Central Market
There are a number of stores by artisans and crafters in Central Market as shown in the store above: Lot Read more.
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