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Below are a schedule for Chinese auspicious dates and timing for the year 2018 which includes: what time to start prayers for CNY general auspicious dates for the entire year divided based on Chinese lunar month Click on the image to enlarge the file: Page 1: Page 2: These information sheets are generally handled out [...]

Chinese Auspicious Dates and Timing (in Mandarin) for 2018 thumbnail

It is now approaching the new year and it is time to get on planning for the year ahead. Stores have begin selling various calendars and diaries that you can buy to aid your planning. You can find these items available at bookstores like Popular, Borders and MPH: Daiso also have begin to sell calendars [...]

Note: Previously their price is RM5, then RM5.30 (after implementation of GST) and now it is RM5.90. Daiso is one of my favourite store. Each time I walk-in to Daiso….I would see something new. As you may know, Daiso sells each of their items for RM5 each. Some are normal everyday items and some are [...]