Lirik Sonata Musim Salju by Hazami (English translation)

One day while I was driving when I heard the song Sonata Musim Salju aired in Sinar FM. Yes, Sinar FM is one of my favourite radio channels because there are many wonderful Malay songs that I grew up in that are often being played. This song is the Malay version of Winter Sonata, an [...]

Lirik Aku Yang Kau Panggil Sayang (I who you call love)- Khairool Idhan

One a famous song called “Aku Yang Kau Panggil Sayang” sang by Khairool Idhan (some website spelled it as Khairul Idhan). I’ve attempted to translate the song with English lyrics for the benefit of those who do not understand the Malay language. This is one of the haunting Malay ballads way back in the 80s. [...]

Laguku Untukmu (My Song for You) by Hasnol (with translation)

The song is quite an emotional song sang by Hasnol called Laguku Untukmu (My Song for You). Below are the English translation that I try to come up with to express the song. Laguku Untukmu (My Song for You) by Hasnol Kehadiran membawa seribu erti The presence brought a thousand meanings Terasa bagaikan suatu mimpi [...]

Lirik Jawapan Kasih (Answer of Love) by Amy Mastura

Amy Mastura has a very cheeky glow in her eyes and when you watch her sing, you can’t help but to feel cheerful. The following song, Jawapan Kasih was one of her hit songs (yes, many years back) and I am translating the lyrics of this upbeat song in English. You can watch the video [...]

Jerat Percintaan (The Trap of Love) by Siti Nurhaliza

The song, Jerat Percintaan  was Siti Nurhaliza’s first hit song in around 1996. When she sang the song she was only a teenager and that song went on to become the top song of the year. Lyrics of Jerat Percintaan (The Trap of Love) translated in English: Dalam pertemuan ini In this meeting Kita terperangkap [...]

Lirik Aku Tak Marah by Arrow (I am not angry)

This song “Aku Tak Marah” sang by the rock group Arrow, the first time I heard it, I was thinking…what the??? But actually when you listen a few times, I don’t think-shall I say it is cheeky? It is about a man who fancies a woman. Well, he sort of think that she also fancied [...]

Lirik Jangan Kau Rayu (Don’t You Beg) by Rahim Maarof

Jangan Kau Rayu (Don’t You Beg) is one of Rahim Maarof’s first hit song as he went as a solo artist. The song speaks about him who found out that his girlfriend cheated on him – and he asked her not to beg for forgiveness anymore as their love is till then only. Lirik Jangan [...]