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Update in August 2017- I have went around to try to look for wooden moulds for mooncake baking as I have received a number of inquiries from users. It has been unsuccessful and if there are any shops selling, the wooden moulds are very expensive (ie RM69.90).   An experienced shop owner informed me that [...]

The price of mooncakes is increasing each year.  More than RM10 just for a piece of mooncake. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people prefer to try making their own mooncakes. Question is where to get the supply? Let me share with you.... Our family have been making mooncake for years- not [...]

Mooncake Festival would be this Sunday. Would like to wish all celebrants a Happy Mooncake festival. For those who have not bought your mooncakes, many bakeries, restaurants and hotels are having tie up that offer discounts for purchases using credit card. This year, the Doraemon and Hello Kitty Mooncakes are really creative- as various designs [...]

Hello Kitty Moocakes are still being sold by Good Chen for Mid Autumn /Mooncake Festival 2013 From Doreamon mooncakes, now check out Hello Kitty Mooncakes....also by Good Chen company: Under Hello Kitty series, there's mooncakes like: Supreme White Lotus with 2 yolks Imperial Shanghai moon (butter skin with lotus yolk ...and chicken floss) Pandan Bliss [...]

The Doraemon mooncakes are still being sold for Mooncake Festival 2013 It is so cute, creative and adorable- Doraemon Mooncakes- where you can see Doraemon and faces of its related cartoon characters on your mooncake. This is such a hit with children and for some adults- as some of us grew up watching Doraemon cartoon. [...]

Tomorrow will be Mooncake Festival.  Here's wishing everyone Happy Mooncake Festival tomorrow. Children would be playing tanglung, eating mooncake and pamelos. Some elders would be buying items to pray to deities and to the moon. Here there are stationery stores selling laterns or tanglung. This year, there are a lot of Angry Bird tanglungs- and [...]

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you can still find delicious, nutritious and relatively inexpensive vegetarian food. It is a temple located near KLCC: Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11am to 2pm (dinner not available and also not opened on public holidays). During lunch time (from 12.15pm onwards till 1.30pm), there are a lot of [...]

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