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LaBoheme also sells mooncakes

LaBoheme is a bakery shop found at AEON stores, usually located outside or near to supermarket or groceries section. They sell mooncakes wrapped in a more generic manner- about 5 in a bundle. And also single ones costing about RM7.99. This is much cheaper than the 'branded mooncakes' that average about RM14- RM16 for the [...]

Mooncake laterns now come with many options-shapes, make and cartoon characters. In the olden days, our laterns mainly consist of the Chinese animal zodiac characters. Now the likes of Doreamon, Mickey Mouse and other popular cartoon characters can be seen. If you go to mooncake fairs which is held at major shopping complexes around this [...]

Gangnam Style Mid Autumn Tanglung laterns

Quite amused to see Gangnam Style tanglung being sold at Carrefour (now known as AEON Big) hypermarket- interesting addition to mooncake festival. The laterns above cost RM12.90 each. There are also other popular characters being made into laterns for mooncake festival. And the display when hung: However.....well....Gangnam style is already out of style. If mooncake [...]

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