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The best things in life can be free. If you go around in certain parks, there are people who are conducting classes for free without any charges. It is a passionate desire to help others. Many of these exercises are helpful in healing, pain management and promoting better health. If you are staying in Penang, [...]

Note: Previously their price is RM5, then RM5.30 (after implementation of GST) and now it is RM5.90. I love going to Daiso and checking out the items they have for sale. Daiso sells all sorts of items- everything for RM5 each. For portable workout equipments, they have handweights 0.5kg, small dumb bell 0.5kg,  hand grips [...]

In Malaysia, most of us would get exercise or sports equipments like dumbbells, hand weights, figure twister, skipping rope, hand grips, chin up bar, exercise ball, stability balls, resistance bands, racquets,  etc from the commercialised sporting goods store. However, I’ve discovered that quality products like from Body Sculpture brand can be brought from AEON Big [...]

For those of you who have pets for many years you may remember a very friendly doctor whose veterinary clinic is located in Section 1, Petaling Jaya old town near the Jalan Templar roundabout. It is very near the PJ Old Town Sau Seng Lum temple….within short walking distance. The clinic has no air con [...]

Sometimes pharmacies like Caring offers joint promotion with health labs to come up with health sceening at discounted rates. Like the offer between one of the Caring outlets located at PJ Old Town  on Sunday 28 April 2013 from 8.30am to 11am. There are a few type of tests but the lowest rate is at [...]

Is it possible to tour around Malaysia on a bicycle? There are 2 Malaysians- Mak Shiau Meng and Sandra Loh who went on a bicycling trip around Malaysia. They did it from March 09 to April 09 for 37 days. Their adventure is posted in their blog: www.sanz-bike-tour-msia.blogspot.com They travelled light- they brought very little [...]