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Recently I have been making frequent road trips with my mom, who is not so mobile and require a wheelchair to move around. I’ve had some learning experiences that I wish to share in this article. This applies to those who faces mobility issues (they could still get up) but requires a wheelchair due to [...]

Uber and Grab are popular and legalized e-hailing services in Malaysia. Note: It has been announced that Uber would be selling its South East Asia operations to Grab…hence both companies would no longer be competing. Initially when Uber was not yet legalized in Malaysia, there were many negative reactions from taxi drivers….. so much so [...]

If you are visiting Malaysia, chances are you may also make a stop in Bangkok or vice versa. If you are planning to travel to Bangkok and/or visit its surrounding areas like Ayuthaya and wish to seek out a reliable and honest van driver, I have a good driver to recommend for you. This is [...]

If you wish to change your existing MyKad to the new version, and at the same time wish to renew your passport, please head on to Kompleks KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) at Jalan Duta (Kuala Lumpur) if you are staying in Klang Valley. Because both the Jabatan Imigresen (Immigration Department) and Jabatan Pendaftaran (Registration Department) [...]

In Malaysia, there are many beautiful places that have yet to be explored. If you are short of budget to travel overseas and appreciate nature environment, why not head on to Kuala Sepetang in Perak (located not far from Taiping). Kuala Sepetang is a small fishing village with lots of mangrove trees. If you stay [...]

Updated in 2018: Below is a picture that shows the price of packages- which of course would vary very much according to weight as much as size: (click on the picture to enlarge) For a zoom up of Pos Express where it is delivered quickly but no acknowledgement: Then the flexi pack is for overseas shipping, [...]

The Malaysian highway toll rest areas have come a long way from what they had used to be. When I was young, the rest areas were small, not clean and there is very limited washroom. Often it is a horrible queue at the ladies especially during times where there were busloads of passengers. Now, the [...]

Below is the information obtained from the MAS (Malaysian Airline) check-in counter in KLIA. Information is correct at the point of posting. Handcarry baggage allowance: –Business or first class:  2 cabin baggage that does not exceed 7kg each –Economy class: 1 cabin baggage that does not exceed 7kg AND -1 laptop, OR 1 briefcase, OR [...]