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Most of my Indian friends would buy their sarees, cloth, and traditional Indian clothings and accessories when they visit India. This is because the price is very much cheaper if you buy from India as what is available in Malaysia is also supplied from India. Sometimes, my non Indian friends would ‘tumpang’, meaning ask for [...]

Deepavali is coming soon and would like to wish all celebrants Happy Deepavali and happy preparation. Many shopping centers, offices and buildings now have come out with their own Deepavali decoration. Major shopping complexes would have big scale decorations for each festival. However for smaller establishments and buildings, often the decorations have gone simpler. Years [...]

As Deepavali is approaching, many would want to start to prepare cookies for visitors. I know of a few Hindu friends who are 100% fully vegetarian- and they do not take eggs. Most of the homemade cookies sold today contained eggs. Knowing the predicament of some friends, I contacted Kasturi Caters as I know they [...]

My colleague thought of a project whereby each team in our department is tasked to come out with a Rangoli Kolam. We downloaded the design from the internet, enlarged it and printed into 12 of almost equal sizes. Each group was supposed to use their creativity to come up with a design an, each team is [...]

As the festive sessions nears, many Malaysians would be making their journey back to their hometown. There are some very good tips provided by The Star paper on tips of keeping your home safe….especially when you will be away during the joliday sessions. 8 ways to keep your home safe: 1. Doors and windows must [...]

When it comes to company functions, many of us want to source for a good and reliable caterer.  I know searching for caterers can be a headache, especially if you are just put in charged of this and do not know where to source for a good, honest and that cook food delicious enough to [...]

The Peacock Rangoli or Kolam located at Fahrenheit88 shopping complex was already creative enough. But when we head over to Berjaya Times Square shopping complex (you can reach there by getting down from Imbi monorail- it’s just opposite the station), you can see a huge Kolam or Rangoli located right at the front entrance: The [...]

Here’s wishing all celebrants a Happy Deepavali. To those driving back to hometown, please drive safely. Since there is also another public holiday this week- many are taking the entire week off. Have a great celebration and happy holidays to all. I visited Fahrenheit88 shopping complex at Bukit Bintang and was impressed by their Peacock [...]