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Air Asia introduced a new requirement 1 cabin bag only Maximum 7kg Measurement: 56cmx 36cm x 23cm And allowed with either 1 handbag OR 1 laptop bag Note: Please refer to Air Asia website for more updates. For more information, you may view the standee below, taken at Chiang Mai airport recently (click to enlarge [...]

When Air Asia introduced flights to Chengdu, China, it uses the cute advertisement of pandas. I adored looking at the advertisements but now, they have been removed because there are so many other new destinations added. One of my favourite ads.

When you want to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, there are a few options: You can take flight either Firefly or Air Asia.  My friend who works in Singapore and comes back to Kuala Lumpur literally every weekend recommends Firefly- if you know your time and can book early, sometimes you can get good [...]

Further to my previous article, please note that you will need to pay additional charges for checking in luggage. If you travel light and only use a hand luggage, then you need not pay. The luggage charges should be paid upfront when you book your air ticket. Actually the moment you initiate your booking, you [...]

Usually the day prior to my flight, I will usually buy some of my favorite breads from bakeries like Bakers Cottage for me to eat while waiting at the airport or on the plane. This is because I get to choose my favourite varieties, the bread are more fresh and much cheaper too (I could [...]

Note: Air Asia in Malaysia now operates from KLIA2 and no longer LCCT.  In the past, when we travel with Air Asia, we need not pay for luggage as we are automatically allowed up to 15kg of check in luggage and up to 7kg of hand luggage. But now, Air Asia has charged an additional [...]

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