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It is now nearing festive session (Chinese New Year CNY) and everyone is really busy shopping for the festival. Hypermarkets are throwing in huge last minute discounts on various items such as can drinks, biscuits and rice. Last weekend when I visited Giant, it was packed to the brim. The nice thing is during each [...]

Shopping for festive items for CNY- good deals by hypermarkets thumbnail

Below are some photos taken of the 1 Utama Chinese New Year CNY deco for 2018. Old Wing: The deco in the old wing is not as elaborate as the new wing. Below is the decoration taken from the top down:     This year the deco is not as elaborate as previous years but [...]

CNY Deco at 1 Utama Shopping Mall at Bandar Utama thumbnail

Generally, companies would arrange for Lion Dance performance for opening ceremonies, milestone events, cultural performance and Chinese New Year. During CNY, the Lion Dance troup would get very busy. There was few years where I helped to organize the Lion Dance performance for my department. I would share my experience and at provide the Lion [...]

Lion Dance performance- organizing and sourcing for your company/department thumbnail

Planning a wedding is never an easy task to do. There are many small details that needed to be taken care off when it comes to planning a wedding. More so when it comes to traditional Chinese wedding involving older generations that can be particular for the wedding to be carried out in a proper manner. [...]

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As it is now the beginning of the year, losing weight and getting toned/ more muscular would be in the list of many people. And if you are one of them, chances are you may start to look around for home gym exercise equipment. In the past, I used to visit hypermarkets (like Tesco and [...]

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No, you should never ever give fake/plastic/dry flowers to a girl because: it may potentially upset her. even if it does not upset her, it would make her feel sort of weird to be receiving fake plastic flowers are you trying to imply she is fake or the love is fake? most girls would rather [...]

Should you give fake flowers to a girl? Goodness, NO! thumbnail

From an earlier article written on CNY deco from MrDIY, there are more Chinese New Year decorations that have been added at MrDIY. Below are just some but in actual fact, they have much more selections. CNY shopping bags- these recycle bags are useful to put in gifts and mandarin oranges when visiting, especially if [...]

CNY deco (affordable and inexpensive) sold at Mr DIY thumbnail

My friend just given me a calendar by MPH- the Sassy calendar and I am amazed with the beautiful design. I was not aware that MPH does have their own calendar (joint with Sassy). Even though it is too late to get the MPH calendar anymore (as confirmed as I have called up one of [...]

MPH Sassy Calendar- very beautiful design thumbnail