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Maycare Medical Supplies Malaysia- Address, Tel and Operating Hours thumbnail

Maycare (Malaysian Healthcare Sdn Bhd 218267-K) is a company that supplies medical equipments and products to hospitals as well as directly to end users. The range covers from speciality beds, mattress, exercise rehabilitation equipment, mobility equipments (wheelchair, walker, walking cane), paediatric (children) mobility to medical disposable items like masks, disinfectants, gloves, etc. When you need to [...]

In the previous article, I have written about specialised one stop shop that sells traditional Chinese wedding items especially to be used for Guo dai li (gift exchange between the bride and bridegroom’s family) that is before the wedding. Guo dai li (过大礼) requires an auspicious date and in the Klang Valley, the couples usually [...]

Traditional Chinese wedding items in KL- Loh Tim Kee thumbnail

In traditional Chinese customs, prior to the wedding, there is the Guo Dai Li (过大礼) ceremony where both sides of the bride and groom exchange gifts for one another. Then there is the installation of the bed and on the wedding day, the tea ceremony. If the parents/grandparents are of traditional type, they are often [...]

Many people I know shop at NSK for groceries and items for cooking because the items are quite cheap. Those operating eateries like mix rice and noodles stall as well as those who are cooking for a large family would tend to prefer to shop at NSK because of they are able to get these [...]

Between last year and this year, I have made more than 10 trips to KLIA and klia2 by driving to send and receiving friends/ guests. When having to pick up or send off friends, I find it easier to drive to the airport rather than to take the public transport. Plus, I find driving to [...]

Chiropractor & TCM treatment for pain and after stroke thumbnail

Chiropractor treatment can help with all sorts of pain treatment such as back pain, scoliosis, bow leg, hunched back and even period/menstrual pain. In this article, I would share the experience I go through and why I chose to go to alternative treatments (preferring chiropractor adjustments) even though in the past my company’s medical benefits would [...]

Disabled friendly road trips experience in Malaysia thumbnail

Recently I have been making frequent road trips with my mom, who is not so mobile and require a wheelchair to move around. I’ve had some learning experiences that I wish to share in this article. This applies to those who faces mobility issues (they could still get up) but requires a wheelchair due to [...]

Selamat Hari Raya to all. Hope you have a great celebration with your loved ones. Here are the compilation of Raya wishes as found in advertisement in papers. Some companies have creative wishes and graphic in conjunction with Hari Raya: View the past compilation of Raya messages here. Click on the images below to enlarge…. [...]