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The following is the integrated map for the major railways plying various locations in the Klang Valley (KL and Selangor). Please click to enlarge the map: It consists of railway services of the following channels: The available rail lines are: 1. KTM Laluan Seremban (KTM Seremban Line) 2. KTM Laluan Pelabuan Klang (KTM Port Klang [...]

Aside from Sunway Pyramid, there is also a kiosk located at AEON Kepong and Selayang Mall in Kuala Lumpur that does name card, door gift, stamp and sticker printing services. I got the picture of the kiosk above from their Facebook page as I was not able to locate the picture I had taken. The [...]

Baker Cottage have already commenced sales of their mooncakes for 2018 very easy this year. In fact, I have seen the banner below being displayed at a Baker’s Cottage outlet since few weeks ago: They have the following: Package A: Pure Lotus + Red Bean = RM23.90 (normal price RM31.80) Package B: Red Bean + [...]

McDonalds Breakfast Menu thumbnail

Different McDonalds outlets have different operating hours. If you are going to the one that is opened 24 hours, you would be able to obtain your McDonalds breakfast menu from 4am to 10am. I have checked with one of the outlets, after the breakfast menu ends at 10am, it would be followed by the value [...]

Below is the Tealive menu and pricing of the drinks. You may click to enlarge the menu. The menu is taken as of May 2018 (so prices should be cheaper now): I started becoming a fan of Tealive since the time they started under the previous franchise name Chatime (Chatime and Tealive are NOT under [...]

I switched to XiaoMi Redmi Note 5 and it is real value for money thumbnail

At the recommendation of my teacher who have been using Redmi phone for few years and gave very positive reviews, I decided to switch to Redmi Note 5 when it was time to change my phone. You would not see huge billboard or newspaper advertisements on Redmi phones. It is common to see for iPhone, [...]

Chinese lunar calendar full moon and new moon dates thumbnail

Below are Chinese calendar dates for full moon, new moon as well as some specific dates from July 2018 to December 2018. Some Chinese persons would observe vegetarian diets on full moon, new moon and on Guan Yin days. In fact, I have been observing vegetarian diet on best effort basis on full moon and [...]

Where to buy wheelchairs, commode, elderly & children aids thumbnail

My mother is not so mobile and requires mobility aids like a wheelchair and walker in order to move around. I remembered how panicky I was last year when I had to rush around to search for these and buy the best items for her. The shop I would like to recommend is Maycare (Malaysian Healthcare [...]