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This blog is written for a traveller to Malaysia in mind.  If you are planning to travel to Malaysia, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to our multiracial country.  I sincerely hope you will find your stay memorable and enjoyable.

When I write my posts, I write with the assumption that the reader is not familar with the places that I mentioned about. Sometimes, as a visitor, you read about a particular popular place from Lonely Planet or from online travel companies. Here in this blog, I try to include some additional elements that you may not find- sometimes on my personal experience and the place’s significance. A place may contain hidden history that you would otherwise just walk past if you don’t know any better. For example, Buddhist Maha Vihara hold some special significance to me which I shared in the post.

Most photographs are taken by me- they have been compressed so that the page will load faster.

Previously, I’ve featured a number of posts about Malaysia travel in my Life Blog.  But I’ve found it is actually easier, for visitors at least to consolidate related articles into a single site. And thus this site has been created in October 09. You can view the full list of all my blogs here.

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