Poslaju, Pos Express and Flexi Pack Item Package Price (2018)

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If you are selling items online, you would need to be very familiar with the delivery and courier changes so that you do not end up quoting too low for the item price (which would upset the customer resulting in a bad review if you attempted to increase the price later- hence many inexperienced sellers, when they realized they quoted too low a price would absorb it and learn from the lesson).

In Malaysia, Poslaju handles the bulk of the delivery for online retail sales.

Below are pictures that shows the price of packages- which of course would vary very much according to weight as much as size:

Note: This is taken in 2018. There may be subsequent future price revision. Please refer to the nearest post office for the latest pricing.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Poslaju Pos Express and FlexiPack envelopes

For a zoom up of Pos Express where it is delivered quickly but no acknowledgement:

Actually I wanted to ask about the Pos Express paper envelopes that used to cost about RM3.50 but I was told that the smaller sized ones were out of stock (seems so in a few post offices that I went). The replacement is Express Drop which comes in a few sizes as well as transparent one.

Then the Flexi pack is for overseas shipping, which according to the post office staff, there is acknowledgement:

Poslaju Flsxi pack and express drop envelopes

The poslaju prepaid envelopes:

Up to 1kg is RM10.40, up to 500gm is RM7.40. What I did is instead of buying the prepack, I bought some plastic seal envelopes (also from Poslaju).

Poslaju Boxes:

Pos Malaysia also sell boxes either prepaid or just the box itself as shown below:

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Above are medium sized prepaid boxes.

Poslaju boxes

Then below are just merely boxes that are sold- which if you look at the pricing (RM3.18 and RM2.12) obviously have not taken into account the courier or postage fees.

Pos Malaysia boxes
The Poslaju boxes are priced as per below:

For Poslaju, you can call their customer service at 1-300-300-300 or visit their website at www.poslaju.com.my.

Many companies use Poslaju to deliver in Malaysia because its outreach, via the network of post offices are huge. And now their system also enable online tracking of delivery with just the air way bill number.

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