Malaysia Airports- Items allowed on the plane cabin


Below are the brief handcarry guideline being displayed at KLIA by Malaysia Airports:

KLIA airport handcarry

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Overall, the following items are allowed ….but it does not mean that you can bring all of the below as you would see below:

1. Ladies handbag (beg tangan wanita)

2. Overcoat (baju kot)

3. Laptop bag (beg komputer riba)

4. Infant food carrying basket (bakul makanan bayi)

5. Crutches/walking stick (tupang/ tongkat)

6. Reading materials (bahan-bahan bacaan)

7. Camera (kamera)

8. Fully collapsible baby stroller (subjected to airline policy)
(Kereta sorong bayi- tertakluk kepada jenis pesawat)....I noticed a few airlines would check in the stroller separately, ie they have staff to bring the stroller into the luggage storage area and not in the cabin. 

9. Video camera (kamera video)

Hand luggage measurement:
Height 56cm (22 inches) x Width 23cm (9inches) x Length 36cm (14 inches)

For weight of luggage allowed on board, it is subjected to individual airline.

Example for Malindo Air, they allow hand carry luggage of the above dimension.

For business class, each passenger is allowed up to 2 pieces of a maximom 10kg. For economy class, it is ONE piece of 7kg with either ONE of the below:
a handbag, or
a camera bag, or
a laptop bag.

That means with Malindo, if you are travelling via economy class and having a hand luggage (meeting the dimension guidelines above) with a handbag, you cannot also carry another camera or laptop bag.

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And with Air Asia, remember…whenever you buy an air ticket, you must buy for any additional check-in luggage. For cabin luggage, Air Asia allow up to 7kg of handcarry where the hand carry luggage need to meet the dimensions above plus one small bag. You can view their info page for the latest update. It is funny that they mentioned “Multiple items that are strapped, wrapped or tied together will not be counted as one piece of cabin baggage”….my guess is a number of people who bring multiple bags have attempted to tie the bundles together to count as one bag.


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