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McDonalds Malaysia Menu, Price and Calorie Contents

Update in 2018: McDonalds have introduced some new variation to their menu like menus under RM10 and the CNY Prosperity meal that comes with my favourite curly fries.

Below is a photo of the McDonalds menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages. Please click on the image to enlarge it:

McDonalds Malaysia breakfast, lunch and dinner menu

Usually I see many people, myself included who would be quite indecisive as to what to eat and would be spending sometime staring at the menu trying to make up their minds. With the menu, you can have a heads up of the choices as well as the price.

Calorie content and nutritional information of the food in McDonalds:

McDonalds Malaysia table of food and drinks calorie content

Above the table containing the calorie content of the food and beverages sold in McDonalds (you can click to enlarge the image).

McDonalds Breakfast Menu (updated May 2018)

McDonalds Breakfast Menu

McDonalds Breakfast Menu

Calorie content:

Nowadays the fast food restaurants are very transparent about the calorie content of their food. For McDonald’s, the nutritional (fat, carbohydrate, protein, salt and sugar) are being made available on their website, in their restaurants as well as the wrapper where your food is being stored/wrapped in.

Fortunately I am not crazy about fast food as I find I get hungrier and less energetic after taking fast food. But once in a few weeks or in a month, I do indulge in a little bit of fast food.

If I go to McDonalds, I often end up ordering the 1+1 set which consists of 1 McChicken and 1 small fries at only RM5.99 which is actually RM6 (after rounding up):

McDonalds McChicken and small fries

There are a few choices offered in the 1+1 but this combination is my favourite. First, because I like McChicken and secondly, I also love their fries. But if I select their value meal the only fries size they have available are the regular size with a limited amount of soft drinks. I only want a small fries…. and that also I find it is a little too much and I do not need a drink as I prefer other drinks like Sarsi or Tropicana twister or sometimes with the teh panas that I bought from my favorite coffee shop.

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Below is the calorie content of McChicken which is behind their wrapper: 156g consisting of 395 calories:

Calorie content of McChicken

And the calorie content of the small fries: 74g consisting of 224 kcal

McDonalds Malaysia breakfast, lunch and dinner menu

I would consider that an adult who is sedentary do not require 2130 calories but about 1800kcal, or less if you are going on a diet. So minus the drink, it is about a third of one’s daily caloric requirement.

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