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Planners, stickers, scrapbooking items and stickers sold at MrDIY

It is now approaching the new year and many would want start planning. During my last visit, I have noticed MrDIY also sell B5 small planners.

MrDIY have many stores nationwide. Since I have been introduced to MrDIY by my friend, it has become one of my favourite stores to visit because there are so many things available- from containers, stationeries, gardening products, tools, toys and craft items.

When I was crazy into organization last year, I watched many inspiring videos in YouTube teaching cute ways to use planners by using washi tapes, coloured pens, stickers and other scrapbooking materials. All these are available at MrDIY at a fraction of the price of many stores in overseas.

College students and those with the creative spirit would enjoy having to decorate their planners to motivate them to organize their time, manage their appointments and keep ahead. Most planners are sold at expensive price….I like those from MrDIY as they are not bulky, they are affordable and you can purchase other ‘accessories’ like washi tapes, stickers, markers and scrapbooking items from them at an inexpensive price.

The planners sold at MrDIY are not year specific, meaning you can buy them today and use them anytime. This is as opposed to yearly diaries where it is applicable only for that year:

Planner notebooks sold at MrDIY

Above: The planner in pink and green are in hard cover and cost RM8.50. The blue one is soft cover but has a plastic covering and cost RM8.90. Compared to the expensive fancy planners being sold online, the price from MrDIY seemed reasonable.

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The planner comes with about 52 pages of weekly planner. There is a different design for each week.

Planner notebooks sold at MrDIY

Then it is followed by section which enables one to jot down notes:

There is also another type of planner which is a slightly smaller size and very cute, costing about RM7.30 each:

MrDIY planner

The inside of the pages which comes with few patterns and color tones consists of weekly planner and pages where you can jot down notes:

MrDIY planners


Such planners are suitable if you:

  • starting out to see if it is for you
  • love planning weekly
  • prefer not to be limited by dates in a specific year (where certain weeks may go empty because you are too busy to write)
  • the B5 size also makes it convenient for you to carry around- eg put in your car’s glove compartment or your bag
  • student who is trying to find motivation in going to classes and studying by having creative expression

Below is a sample of a YouTube video on how to use a planner (there are really a lot of such videos which you would find inspiration):

And if you need washi tapes, they also sell it at relatively inexpensive price (click on the image if you wish to enlarge):

Washi tapes in Malaysia

As well as stickers 🙂

Stickers at MrDIY


When I watched these videos, I gather that the budget that goes into using a creative planner can cost a lot. Since I find that there is store that offer the items at a budget, I really want to share this with you….so that you can embark on your planning adventure without having to buy items from specialized craft stores that may cost you a bomb.

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MrDIY outlets can be found in Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. Link to their location is as follows: http://mrdiy2u.com/en/locate-us/.


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