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Portable exercise equipment for RM5.90 each at Daiso Malaysia

Note: Previously their price is RM5, then RM5.30 (after implementation of GST) and now it is RM5.90.

I love going to Daiso and checking out the items they have for sale. Daiso sells all sorts of items- everything for RM5 each.

For portable workout equipments, they have handweights 0.5kg, small dumb bell 0.5kg,  hand grips (4 types with varying difficulties), and even…water barbell. So cute…the water dumbbell…just fill up with water at the plastic shaped like a dumb bell snd there you have a dumb bell that weights 1kg.


When you wish to keep it away…just pour off the water (to water your plants) and store it away as the dumb bell would become very light.

I bought a pair of 0.5kg of handweights…made if iron where you can wrap around your hands. In the picture it is the green and orange ones. I saw similar ones more expensive being sold at Big AEON and Tesco. Was thinking…if I don’t use, it only cost me RM10 which was slightly more expensive than a meal.

Due to the pricing, only the 0.5kg weighed hand grips are available. But I was surprised…such hand weights are easier to hold and when I hold both on my hands and workout on my balance twister, I can feel my heart rare rising and start to sweat in a short while. The hand weights added to the intensity of the exercise.

Daiso also sells lightweight walking sticks which you can use for hiking in forest trails…for RM5. Fitness Concept also sell but they cost RM36.

So many things to see in Daiso 🙂

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  • ayu March 7, 2014, 5:19 pm

    Want tu buy craft punch

  • Yin March 7, 2014, 5:42 pm

    Yes…I see craft punch being sold at Daiso for RM5 each

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