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Blackberry pricing in Malaysia

In the recent festive advertisement by Blackberry, it featured the standard pricing of their products:

Blackberry Q10: RM2288
Blackberry Z10 LTE: RM1899
Blackberry Q5: RM1299
Blackberry Curve 9320: RM559
Blackberry Curve 9220: RM439

A free car charger is given with every purchase of Blackberry Curve 9320 or 9220 at participating outlets.

Do note that if you use a Blackberry, in order to be able to surf the net, you need to subscribe the BIS plan on top of your data plan.  Even though I love the keys in the Blackberry phone- as I use a lot for typing, the main reason I gave up having a Blackberry was because of the BIS, which I saw no value in paying extra every month when I am not a high user. Also, they did not have that many apps compared to Android. The photo above, snapped from my Note 2, was cropped, resized and a green dropshadow frame was added to it using the Photo Editor app downloaded free from Google Play.


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