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Multipupose bags sold for RM5.90 each at Daiso

At Daiso what I have always liked is the consistency in pricing….their items are always RM5  RM5.90.

Note: Previously their price is RM5, then RM5.30 (after implementation of GST) and now it is RM5.90.


I find a multipurpose bags useful especially when it comes to organising small items for travelling- where I am able to place small items in a bag with transparent materials where I could see them.

These bags are also sold in Popular bookstore and some with similar design are actually cheaper in Popular compared to Daiso. But as for the larger bags, Daiso is definitely cheaper as the price is fixed at RM5 each.

If you are always not able to find small items when you are travelling…..do consider giving these multipurpose bags with compartments a try. You can have them to store you favourite coffee packets, charges, medicine, pendrives and small notebooks.

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