Hari Raya Sales and Offers Nationwide

Festive, Hari Raya

One of the best time for shopping for good deals for clothes, groceries, kitchen items, electricals …..is starting from the fasting month (Bulan Ramadhan) leading on towards Raya.

As a Malaysian, one of the things I love is to get to participate in festive celebrations and also during the sales.


All you need is to buy the papers..example The Star on Fridays and Saturdays and you would be able to view a collection of all the good deals and dining offers in conjuction of breaking fast.

Example, Tesco already started to publish a booklet on the Raya offers and so is Giant and other hypermarkets. Departmental stores are having sales and places like Courts and Harvey Norman are throwing in offers and sales.

Great time and place to do some shopping  and get the items that you want 🙂


Below are hampers which are offered by almost all departmental stores, hypermarkets and grocery stalls.



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