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Air Asia- How to Add Luggage Kilo After You Have Purchased Your Ticket

You have bought your Air Asia ticket sometime ago. Somehow at the point of purchasing the tickets you did not think that you would require any luggage. Or you overlook to click the luggage option. Anyhow, you need to buy luggage now.

The problem is, you did not purchase the Air Asia ticket by logging in via your Air Asia account. So what is the solution?

If you have purchased your ticket by logging in to Air Asia account, then the solution is quite straightforward- login again (your id is usually your email address) and go to ‘Manage My Booking’  tab to add on to the luggage. It is much cheaper to add on before you fly. If you only add your luggage when you want to check-in, be prepared to pay like RM20 per kilo or more.

Now, if you just book your flight without logging in, how do you buy luggage then? You can’t just call Air Asia. So what to you do?

No worries. Your solution: Go to AskAirAsia.com and chat with a staff there.

But before that, you would need to have the full iteneary with you- name of the person travelling, booking number, etc AND your Air Asia login user name (your email address that you use to login to Air Asia website).  If you do not have an Air Asia account, create one.

Then get assistance from the staff to just link that booking number to your account.

Previously someone in my office encountered this problem and I suggested he tried that option. He told me he was in the queue as #200 and expected wait time was 52 minutes. Well, I told him to chill and just wait. He did and was doing other work. After he managed to get to chat with a staff there, the staff assisted him to link the booking number to his account. From there, he login and added luggage kilo for the flight.

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