Festive seasons- to send cards or Facebook message using e-greeting card?

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Chinese New Year is around the corner. In today’s technology age, less and less people are sending physical cards to their friends and relatives. Most of the time, we would probably post on our friends’ Facebook wall with a picture of a fabulous e-animated card. It is convenient because at one go we can send to many people.

That makes the sales of physical cards plummet to its all time low and it would get lower as time goes by….not to mention marked increase in postage fees.


Does sending e-cards causes us to lose the personal touch? Well, not really. We humans tend to be vain creatures so the more Facebook friends write on our wall, the more nice we feel, am I right?

Anyway, the sales of Chinese New Year cards have started. If you don’t plan to send physical cards to your friends, please don’t forget to send them a wish via email, WhatsApps or Facebook yeah.

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  • Vincy

    Hi there would like to enquiry if you are doing any customise CNY cards that can fit Angpau pack in?

  • Yin

    Hi Vincy,
    Sorry for the late reply. Nope, I do not do this type of service but in future you can contact card suppliers or printers that may be able to help you.
    I have seen some shops that are doing photostat works also are involved in printing but you would need to provide them with the design or alternatively you can resize in your computer and have them print out on paper for you.

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