Huge Rangoli or Kolam Design at Berjaya Times Square


The Peacock Rangoli or Kolam located at Fahrenheit88 shopping complex was already creative enough. But when we head over to Berjaya Times Square shopping complex (you can reach there by getting down from Imbi monorail- it’s just opposite the station), you can see a huge Kolam or Rangoli located right at the front entrance:

The picture above is taken to give you an idea how huge the Kolam is. If you stand in front of it, it is not quite possible to capture the entire kolam or rangoli from a single shot.

It sheer size of this really makes this kolam really noticable as it is right within the walkway of the main entrance.

These are also made from coloured rice and crafted artisically.

By itself, coloured rice may not be much to see- but when combined in various hues and intricate design- as you can see in the pictures above, it becomes a huge masterpiece.

You’ll still be able to see this at least till Deepavali which would fall on this coming Tuesday.

To all celebrants, here’s wishing you Happy and Joyous Deepavali.

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