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Flower Supplier from Cameron Highlands

by Yin on October 1, 2012

Most flowers sold around Malaysia- from the flower suppliers, stores, markets and florists are sourced from Cameron Highlands. For example, a huge lorry will arrive the the flower supplier in Petaling Street few times a week to delivery boxes and boxes of packed flowers.

I came across one flower supplier located in Tringkap, Camerons Highlands. The next time you happened to be in Camerons and are looking into buying lots of flowers, you may consider visiting this supplier. I’ve checked and they accept purchases from walk-in customers. But if you are not buying in bulk, the price would not be a lot of discount. Just that you know that the flowers would be fresh.

Often, you would see workers busy packing flowers there:

Above: Flowers of various colours, shade and hue being arranged to be packed in boxes to be shipped to flower suppliers in Kuala Lumpur, around the country and even to Singapore.

Beautiful sunflowers and big daisies.

Above: Birds of Paradise.

Above: One of my favourite flowers.

Flowers are packed and ready to be shipped to Singapore.

Details of the supplier:

Tringkap Floriculture Sdn Bhd
No. 10, Tingkat 1, Persiaran 2,
Taman Tringkap, 39100 Tringkap,
Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: 05- 4 9 6 1 4 9 1 / 0 5- 4 9 6 2 4 9 1
Fax: 0 5- 4 9 6 1 3 9 8
Email: mwteh@tm.net.my
It is said on the namecards that this supplier supplies a wide variety of lilies, chrysanthemums, gerberas and other fresh cut flowers.

Tringkap is located on the way to Tanah Rata- but have not reached there yet. As you are following the road that leads you to Tanah Rata, you would reach Tringkap first. The turning is on your right- a huge upward slope, about 100 metres before the Rose Valley (on your left).


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