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Lirik Isabella by Search (English translation)

by Yin on April 22, 2012

Below is my attempt to translate the lyrics of  the song Isabella sang by Search. The song was a hit song back in the 80s, with a movie made to illustrate the story (starring Amy from Search and Julia Rais).

If my memory still did not fail me- the movie tells of  a rich man’s daughter fell in love with a rock band singer. Due to difference in class, status, wealth and name, the girl’s parents greatly forbid the relationship. There were lots of obstacles along the way.  In the end, he sang this song in a concert or a competition or something- and she walked in to listen- but in the end it was a sad ending because she died of cancer (please correct me if it is wrong)

Lyrics and English translation of Isabella by Search for the benefit of those who love the song but don’t understand the Malay language:

Isabella adalah
  Isabella is
Kisah cinta dua dunia
  a love story between two different worlds
Mengapa kita berjumpa
   why do we meet
Namun akhirnya terpisah
  only to be separated at last
Siang jadi hilang
  day become lost
Ditelan kegelapan malam
  swallowed by the darkness of the night
Alam yang terpisah
  a separated world
Melenyapkan sebuah kisah…
  vanished a story

Terbayang lambaianmu
   picturing your wave
Salju terbakar kehangatan
    snow burning in heat
Dunia di penuhi
   the world is filled with
Warna berseri bunga cinta
   glorious colours of the flowers of love
Kita yang terlena
  we who drifted off
Hingga musim berubah
  till the seasons change
Mentari menyepi
   the sun by itself
Bernyalalah api cinta
  the flame of love thus burns

Dia Isabella
   She (named) Isabella
Lambang cinta yang lara
   represents a sad love tale
Terpisah kerana
separated because
Adat yang berbeza
  of different culture and customs
Cinta gugur bersama
   love fell together with
Daun daun kekeringan…
  wilting leaves

Haluan hidupku
    the path of my life
Terpisah dengan Isabella
   is separated from Isabella
Tapi aku terpaksa
     but I must
Demi cintaku Isabella
    due to my love, Isabella
Moga dibukakan
   hopefully it is opened
Pintu hatimu untukku
   the door of your heart for me
Akan terbentang jalan
  the path would be shown
Andainya kau setia
  if you stay loyal and true
Oh! Isabella….
  Oh! Isabella….

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