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English translation for Ramalanku Benar Belaka by Umbrella

by Yin on March 27, 2012

I grew up listening to Malay, English and Chinese songs. Because I enjoyed  ballads, I enjoy the lyrics sung in Malay love ballads. To Malaysians, they are like what the Western hear of groups like Bon Jovi and Chicago.

In a creative moment, I’ve thought about translating some of these ballads- of my favourite songs: one of them is Ramalanku Benar Belaka by Kumpulan Umbrella (nope, again, I need to tell many people that Kumpulan Umbrella exists). I just discovered that the lead singer, Zarul, has his own blog:

The song spoke about a heartbroken man, whose love left him despite having gone through so much together and having made the promise that she would never leave. Yet, his prediction came true and she did leave after all.

Lyrics (Malay with English translation)
Hingga ke saat ini
 Until this very second
Pelbagai persoalan
 There are all kinds of questions
Tak henti melanda
 That is never ending
Untuk ku memikirkannya
 For me to figure them out

Kau memilih diriku di atas dasar apa
 On what basis did you choose me
Apakah kerana cinta
 Was it because of love?
Atau pelepas sepi cuma
 Or a mere relief for your loneliness

Seumpama dedaunan yang telah gugur bertaburan
 Like fallen leaves lying scattered on the ground

Membiarkan ranting dimamah usang
 Leaving the branches rot from to age
Apakah semua itu akan terjadi padaku
 Is that all going to happen to me
Andainya benar maka tepatlah apa yang kuramalkan
 If it is true, then indeed what I have predicted is true

Waktu bersamamu banyak benar kenangan yang kita ciptakan bersama
 There were so much of memories created from our time together
Dan satu darinya engkau bersyahdu
 and one of them you had pledged
Bahawa aku takkan kehilanganmu
 that I will never lose you
Susah payah kita semai benih cinta
 with such hardship we planted the seed of love
Menempuh dugaan
  Going through obstacles
Akhirnya kau tinggalkan
  alas at last you left
Sia-sialah ku bina istana cinta
  what a waste I build a castle of love
Andai insan lain di hatimu bertakhta
  if there is another person who reigns in your heart

Hingga ke saat ini
  until this very second
Ku masih mengenangkan
  I still miss 
Detik-detik terindah
  our most beautiful moments
Namum… kesudahan aku parah
  but…my ending is tragic
kesudahan aku parah
  my ending is tragic

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