Ikea actually sells real Christmas trees | Update: Stop since 2016


Update: Based on info published in KLExpat, IKEA Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand had stopped importing live Christmas trees for sale in Malaysia (view article).

Visiting Ikea here in Mutiara Damansara, I was amazed that they actually sell real live Christmas trees….especially in Malaysia:

A live tree of about 250cm costs RM169. The shorter ones cost about RM129, if I am not mistaken.

The  instruction given on how to care for the live Christmas tree by Ikea:

Care Instruction
When setting-up your christmas tree, a new sa-cut should be made straight across the trunk, at least half inch above the original cut.

The most important thing to remember for the maintenance of a live Christmas tree is WATER. Recommended to add a little SUGAR into the water to make the tree last longer.

There are also some decorated trees- and the thing I like about IKEA is that there would be sufficient display pieces to ‘teach’ us how to decorate. They sell the bare tree, and the decorative items, and with the display, we get some idea on how to decorate the tree.  Somemore the decoration come in 3 theme colours- gold, red and silver:

 The Christmas tree decorations and ornaments are distinctive and not similar to the similar designs sold in stores:

Check out the red heels with purple stockings as well as other designs and other santa heads-used to hang on Christmas trees.

And there’s also Santa and Santarina. But to complete your Christmas tree deco, you can always buy from other stores.


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