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Recently during my visit to Camerons, we stayed in a 3 room apartment. Apartment rentals are quite popular nowadays and suitable for big groups and families. And they cost only a fraction of the price- about RM200 for fully furnished, with cooking utensils, fridge, water boiler, cups, blankets, pillows, washing machine, soap, hot water, dressing table. Comfortably can house 8 people in 3 rooms.

The place we stayed is located at Tringkap (you need to have a car or have a rented vehicle of your own to get around).

Above: How the apartment looked from outside. Some units- there are family staying there but some apartments are vacant and rented out to holiday makers.

Above: The living area with TV and sofa- some people can even sleep on the sofa.

The dining area- with table and chairs.

The kitchen- fully equipped with gas, cooking pots, plates, forks, spoon, knife, etc.

Bedroom- with dressing table. For this unit, there are 3 rooms- each with one double bed and an additional 2 matresses were given. In total, can sleep about 10 people comfortably. But you may need to bring additional sleeping bags to serve as blankets because the weather can get very cold at night and one person may need the blanket that is meant for 2 persons.

The place we stayed is at Tingkat Tringkap, Puncak Tringkap, 39010 Cameron Highlands. It is located up a hill with no public transport so as mentioned, you need your own car or rented vehicle. Should you be interested to rent, you may contact Mr Kam at 6 0 12 4 6 0 13 74.

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