Creative crafts sold at Jonkers Street, Malacca

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Jonkers Street in Malacca provides an array of interesting items and crafts for the visitor to look around. Jonkers Street only come alive from 6pm onwards. However, on Saturday and Sundays, it is opened during day time- but on weekdays, most of the shops would be closed.

When I visited Malacca a few years ago, I went on a Tuesday, and Jonkers Street looked quite deserted- so I had thought there was nothing much to see there. But then, my colleague told me that if you want to go during daytime, you need to go on weekends- then the shops would be opened during daytime too.

Here are some beautiful crafts sold there- I especially love the Nyonya kebaya fridge magnets:

And the car stickers with interesting messages such as:

  • Wait! Don’t steal this car- the car over there is much nicer
  • Evil inside
  • Hey, wanna monkey around?
  • Angel Baby on Board
  • Yo!Back off
  • Girls rules, boys drool
  • Senior citizan driver
  • Aiyo, I am driving tis way just to piss you off!
  • Please, gimme a break
  • Caution: Children on board
  • Warning: Small with BIG attitude
  • Slow down! Shhhhhhhhh..Children sleeping inside….pleasekeep your distance
  • Stress! I dah lambat, sila beri laluan, TQ
  • Warning: Please don’t drive so near me-la TQ
  • Cute? Wait till you see the driver


Above: The fridge magnets in little miniature Japanese slippers with Chinese engraved verses.

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