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Baking cookies for the festival season

by Yin on August 20, 2011

Each time before a major festival comes up, lots of people would be busy doing baking. In Klang Valley (around Selangor and Kuala Lumpur), many people would get their banking supplies from Bake with Yen. The price of items is not very cheap but at least it is cheaper than you buy from most grocery shops and ….the ingredients- everything from the flours, cake mix, almonds, nuts, sultanas, etc are fresh.  If you are a health nut, it’s better to buy your health nuts from baking supplier stores like Bake with Yen than via supermarket.

Anyway, these few weeks again Bake with Yen is swaped with customers during the weekend who are going to get their banking supplies. I usually like to see the creative stuff they sell:

Above are cupcake and cookies wrappers- come in all colours and designs. And not that expensive.

There’s the sugar decorations and sugar beads that are usually used to decorate cakes, muffins and cupcakes. Smaller packs are available for those who don’t want so much…reminds me of the memories when I was young- we had a neighbor who always bake cookies and give us a tin for Hari Raya. I’ve always looked forward as the cookies comes in various colours and designs. After the family had shifted, well, no more…

The above are Milton colours, used to make decoration on cakes and below are various syrups like honey, maple syrups, etc.

The flour sold there are fresh- because stocks finishes very fast and gets replenished often- I’ve seen cake mix, muffin mix, sponge cake mix, pow flour, bread flour (with rising agent added inside). My mom uses the mix for instance when she bakes sponge cakes as the consistency comes out better compare if you manually mix yourself.

Many people started exploring about cooking/baking by first buying cookbooks or downloading recipes online. Sometimes they watch YouTube videos to get an idea who to visually do it. Then all they need is to walk in to a baking supply store and a lot of the things required are pretty much there. Like for Bake with Yen, most of the staff have been there for sometime- sometimes by looking at what you buy they can tell what you want to make already :)

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