Great stuff you can get from day markets


From day markets, you not only can buy yourself fresh vegetables, fruits, foodstuff, but an array of interesting and inexpensive things can be found there as well:

Like the purses above are sold for less than RM10 for one. You can never find that price from any rented booths, kiosks or stalls. I’ve bought a few from this vendor- in which I used to put my small electronic gadgets like pen drives, chip reader and MP3. Another multi compartment purse is used to put tissues, my purse and my mobile phone.

Then you have Tshirts that come in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs. One that especially caught my attention is this mini tee:

Caption on the tshirt: Well, you know those nights when you can’t fall asleep. Maybe you are awake in someone else’s dream

What’s written on the tshirt sounds profound, rite?

Then we have an array of hair stuff that we ladies would stop by to look see look see….if there is anything that catches our fancy.

That’s why, I don’t mind visiting the wet market because there’s an array of colours and styles that can be found in the simple setting of the market itself.

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