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Baking Classes in Feb to April

by Yin on February 9, 2011

Here are some baking classes that would be held by Bake with Yen SB located at 30& 32 Persiaran Puteri Satu, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor (tel 603-80601828) Do call before you intend to attend the classes as for some classes you may need to buy your own items and the dates may be subjected to change:

17/2: Butter Cake (10am to 1pm. Price RM30):

  • Walnut butter cake (emulsifier method)
  • Prune Raisin Butter Cake (Chiffon Cake Method)
  • Marble Butter Cake (Traditional method)
  • Banana apple butter cake (Traditional method)

23/2: Chocolate Class (10am to 1pm. Price RM50)

  • Explain the fundamental of chocolate making
  • Method of melting chocolate
  • Chocolate filling
  • Tempering of chocolate
  • Trufle and creative packing
  • shaping chocolate with mould

24/2:  Doughnut/ Cake Bread Class (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Doughnut making
  • Cake bread

28/2: Swiss Roll/ Petit Fours  (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Pandan Swiss Roll
  • Tiger Roll
  • Petit Fours
  • Chiffon Cake

3/3: Cheese/ Mousse Cake  (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Chocolate mousse cake
  • Baked cheese cake
  • White chocolate cheese cake (chilled)

7/3: Cheese Cakes  (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Baked cheese with sour cream
  • German cheese cake
  • Cheese cake (Taiwan)

10/3: Oriental Pastries  (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Cheese doughnuts (Pak tong sar yong)
  • Kaya kok
  • Winter melon crisp (Lo Po Peng)

15/3: Hands-On Bread Making Classes (10am to 6pm. Price RM90)

  • Using sponge dough to make: hotdog roll, polo buns, mexican bun, mini pizza, chicken floss roll, peanut roll, butter bun, red bean bun.
  • Using boiled dough to make sandwich and loaf bread
  • Limited to 15 participants only

21/3: Hands-On Agar Agar (Flower)  (10am to 6pm. Price RM90)

  • Create a variety of colourful flowers with agar agar jelly and impress
  • Limited to 15 participants only

24/3: Simple Cakes (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Black forest cake
  • Blueberry cake
  • Kiwi cream cake
  • Fruit topped cake

28/3: Puddings (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Domino pudding
  • Doll skirt pudding
  • Zig Zag pudding
  • Sunflower Pudding

31/3: Hands-on Cup Cake Class (10am to 6pm. Price RM90)

  • Decoration of Cup Cakes
  • Enhance your decorating techniques with a variety of trendy cupcakes
  • Limited to 15 participants only

4/4: Hands-on Blueberry Cake Class  (10am to 6pm. Price RM50)

  • Customer will take home their own decorated cake
  • Limited to 15 participants only

7/4: Puff Pastry Class (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Taiwan cream puff
  • Blueberry Cream puff
  • Tuna cream puff
  • Cheese cream puff
  • Chocolate cream puff

11/4: Muffin Making Class (10am to 1pm. Price RM30)

  • Blueberry muffin
  • Banana muffin
  • Chocolate muffin

14/4: Hands-on Chocolate Cake (10am to 6pm. Price RM90)

  • with Choc Ganache- Flower rose
  • Limited to 15 participants only
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