Compilation of Deepavali/ Diwali meaningful messages

Deepavali, Festive

 Here’s wishing a Happy Deepavali tomorrow to all celebrants and visitors around the world. Tomorrow Malaysia will celebrate Deepavali, the Festival of Lights.  Thought I will put together ads by different major companies in Malaysia as they are display quite meaningful Deepavali messages:

By Astro: Only when the ego is shattered, can one celebrate the true self within.

The ancient tradition of breaking coconuts symbolises the shattering of one’s ego.

By Maxis: May the lights of our lamps be a reflection of the light within.

On this day, it’s the little things we do that light us from within. Like remembering that our hearts are to be filled with hope and happiness. Like taking time off just to travel home to be with our loved ones. Like knowing that Mrs Chong or Encik Roslan next door would love a box of sweets too. So as we light up those lamps, let’s keep the light within us burning bright. We wish you a Happy Deepavali.

From McDonalds: May the beauty of the festival of lights illuminate our homes and our hearts with bright sparkles of joy, love and happiness. Together as one nation, let’s celebrate a very Happy Deepavali.

By Perodua: When it comes to Deepavali, there’s always a song and dance, bright lights and brighter costumes. There’s always lots of food, great new stories and plenty of laughter. With such a great celebration to look forward to, it never gets old.

By Petronas: Big, small, tall short…we are all special in our own way. Let’s celebrate the light that makes us special. Happy Deepavali.

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