Food and drinks to bring when travelling


When travelling, some things comes in quite handy. If you do not bring along, you would need to pay much more when you are in transit: A water tight water bottle, premixed packet drinks, small spoon.

For example, being a fussy coffee drinker, I always bring my own favourite brand of 3-in-1 with me when I travel. This is after experience of having to pay a lot for coffee that I find is not delicious. Below, you see a purple colour small water tumbler and some 3-in-1 packets. Also, there’s a packet of bread that I bought from King’s bakery.

If I can get a decent cup, then I use it. If not, I will put the premixed coffee into the purple bottle, pour in some hot water, put back the cover and shake the bottle. I would then get my hot coffee- all I need is to get hot water (I know, we should not put hot water in plastic bottles but for the convenience, this cute little bottle had followed me in my travels since 2008). When I am not having any hot drink, I would use it as a water bottle.

Below: When I travel to Sri Lanka and Thailand, I actually took my own soap powder – I did not think it was easy to get good soap powder from the shops- I bought my Dinamo powder and put it into the 100 plus water bottle. I also carry Prickly Heat powder- it’s a relief to put on some powder in the unforgiving hot weather.

Reason  I wash clothes, I could travel light and need not bring huge suitcases of clothes. Learned it during my travel with others.  If you decide to wash your own clothes, you also need to bring along a plastic container- you can use it to store items when not washing clothes. The plastic container would enable you to soak your clothes when the basin does not have a stopper. I usually wash my clothes at the hotel or wherever I am staying and usually they’ll dry out. Once, I was staying in a highland area- and so my Tshirt did not dry. What I did was to keep it outside my bag and it dried out under the hot sun. I did that only once out of desperation as I have more or less ran out of shirts to wear.

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