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Air Asia- luggage check-in and hand carry

by Yin on June 18, 2010

In the past, when we travel with Air Asia, we need not pay for luggage as we are automatically allowed up to 15kg of check in luggage and up to 7kg of hand luggage.

But now, Air Asia has charged an additional RM20 per trip if you want to check-in a SINGLE baggage of up to 15kg. I am not sure due to ignorance or many people are not aware of this change- that you have to select the option for check-in luggage when you book your flight. When I was in LCCT, I saw a number of passengers did not pay for the luggage fee while booking the ticket (listed as Supersized Regular-up to 15kg in the online booking) and therefore unable to check in their luggage.

If you did not opt for the check-in luggage option (and pay extra so that you can check-in 15kg of luggage), you will need to pay for your luggage- which is more expensive compared the the price you pay when you book your ticket online. If you are an adult travelling with your family of kids and aunties uncles in the early morning, this can be a real inconvenienced and nuisance.

CLICK HERE to view the screen shots of the option to pay for luggage during booking

Therefore, remember, when you book your flight via Air Asia, please remember to tick the check in luggage option (and pay RM20 extra) at the point when you book your flight ticket if you are checking in anything. If not, then as the tagline below goes:

Even with this face…. you’ll still need to pay for Baggage!” (and isn’t the face cute :)  – this photo is taken at the seat on the airline.

Group check-in and total luggage size

During group travel, example 4 persons are allowed to check-in up to 60kg of luggage (15kg x 4 persons) if the booking is done together in a single transaction.

If you want to check-in your luggage together with your friends, then please ensure that all the tickets are booked together in a single transaction as a group. If let’s say your friends book their tickets online last week and you decide you suddenly want to go and then you book the same flight as them, you CANNOT check in together with them because it’s not the same flight document. I believe this applies to most airlines but some people may not be aware of this.

Hand carry luggage- up to 7kg only

Sometimes my friends from overseas will be overindulgent with their shopping and hence the luggage. Admittedly, there are certain items that you can get in Malaysia that you can’t quite get from other countries. So some people naturally have the idea that:

  • keep the check-in luggage exactly 15kg
  • stuff whatever non liquid remaining items under hand carry luggage – even if it exceeds 7kg (read below why this ‘trick’ does not work anymore)

If you are thinking about stuffing the heavy stuff in your carry on bag, think again. Now in LCCT, after you check in your luggage and you want to go up the departure hall, some strong strict looking muscular build guys are stationed there. If the bag that you are carrying, even though within the carry on size looks suspiciously heavy, the guy will take it and weigh it. If it is heavy, then sorry, you will have to check-in the luggage and pay. When I was travelling recently, I seen some passengers being stopped and told to have the bag checked in.

In summary, please ensure that your carry on case don’t exceed 7kg. If not, you will not be allowed to pass through. As mentioned above, you can’t get away even though you pull your cutest face.

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