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Sau Seng Lum Temple in PJ Old Town

Sau Seng Lum temple is located in Petaling Jaya Old Town:

7, Jalan 5, Section 1
46000 Petaling Jaya

Website: www.sausenglum.com.my
Temple opens daily from 9 am to 5pm
(include Sunday and Public Holidays)

I happened to be in the area and decided to take a visit at the temple. Outside you can see a tall Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy Statue) located there.

There’s also the Maitreya Buddha in which you can pay respect to. During the time when I was there, a family came to offer some oil and rice to the temple.

Sau Seng Lam is also involved in a number of charitable efforts- Haemodialysis Center & Stroke Center- all located within walking distance from the temple:

Sau Seng Lum Haemodialysis Center

Sau Seng Lam Stroke Center

Sau Seng Lam foundation does a lot of charitable and welfare activities- they also employ full time staff to help take care of their centers.

If you are interested in doing voluntarily work, you can approach Sau Seng Lum- more information can be found via their website at http://www.sausenglum.com.my/…. its inspiring to read the success stories.

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